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Pray for the situation in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan (slegs in Engels)

According to several sources in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, thousands of rallies took place in its capital city – Nukus, on the 1st to the 2nd of July 2022. Numerous people died due to police brutality, and many were detained. Now, the curfew still is in place and martial laws have also been imposed. The uprising was suppressed by force. Pray for the region and Church there.

These events were caused by the reaction of the Karakalpak people to the recent amendments of the constitution. According to the changes, the new provision states that Karakalpakstan is losing its sovereignty and will no longer have the right to withdraw from Uzbekistan. Now, the curfew still is in place and martial law has also been imposed. The uprising was suppressed by force. According to official data, 28 people died and 250 people were injured in varying severity.

There is no Internet and mobile connection. The entries and exits of the republic are completely blocked – nobody can travel in or out of the Karakalpak Republic for any reason, also in Nukus city nobody can go outside from 9pm in the evening until 7 am in the morning. According to unofficial data, many people experience a lack of food caused by this situation. It looks like the government of Uzbekistan keeps the situation under tight control and brutally suppresses any discontent and disagreement. People have no opportunity to be heard or to practice their right to choose.

There are several Christian communities in the Karakalpak Republic that are now in a very vulnerable position. Please pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for the wisdom of how to continue the ministry in such conditions, and pray that God will intervene and solve the situation in the region.
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