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Key Prayer Points for Syria and Turkey

Here are key prayer points for the current aftermath of the earthquake that took place in Syria and Turkey. Local partners on the ground sent these prayer requests that the global church can pray more amidst this traumatic situation:

  • In the earthquake of 06 February 2023, staff of our local partners in Syria and Turkey were also affected personally by the earthquake. In both Aleppo and Latakia in Syria, some have their houses damaged, and often they don’t feel comfortable sleeping there. The office of a partner was damaged, thank God they found a new place to work from. Please pray for those staff members. That they will feel peace in their hearts, that they won’t be overwhelmed by the need they see and will be able to continue to serve in these circumstances.


  • Assessment is ongoing to find out how the Christian community is affected by the earthquake. The work is done by the staff of our partner organisations but also by trusted volunteers. Based on the outcome our partners and the local churches decide on how to respond in the coming time. Please pray that soon will be clear in what way we should help the affected Christians.


  • Thank God for the Muslims that also got help from partners in Syria and Turkey. As almost all help goes through the churches, most people we help are Christians but in both countries, Muslims are also supported. Let’s pray that some might even see the love of God through the items they got.


  • Thank God for the many churches in Syria and Turkey that opened their doors to offer shelter to the people who cannot sleep at home. Some people lost their houses, others don’t know yet if their houses will be safe enough to return there. Of course, this has a big impact on the priests and pastors of the churches. Pray that they somehow will be able to offer all people present a safe and peaceful environment.


  • Many persons are traumatized because of the disaster that took place. Especially in Syria, this is yet another disaster on top of the disaster of the past almost twelve years of conflict. Pray for our efforts to offer the countries good trauma care for those who need this, including the staff of our partner organisations.

Thank you for those who have responded to the emergency appeal towards Syria and Turkey. If you have not yet, click here to be a hero of faith to the Church in the Middle East.

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