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Living in fear: Pray with Christians in Yemen (slegs in Engels)

The Yemeni people have been through so much since the civil war broke out in 2014. Famine, displacement, disease outbreaks and a massive humanitarian crisis have all deeply impacted Yemenis. Like everyone in the Middle Eastern country, Christians have also been impacted by the horrors of war. But for them, the crisis has also meant increased persecution from Islamic extremists, imprisonment and constant threats because of their faith in Jesus. Yemen currently ranks #5 on the 2024 World Watch List, making it one of the world’s most difficult places to be a Christian.

There was hope last year during peace talks that perhaps the violence would subside, and the chaos of the civil war might end. But recent events have made it clear that the instability will not stop anytime soon. The United States and the United Kingdom recently bombed targets in Yemen in response to recent attacks that the Houthis (one of the warring parties that claims authority over Yemen) have conducted on ships in the Red Sea.

Since the country has blocked all or most international news websites, Yemenis must search online (particularly on YouTube or Facebook, which are not blocked) to learn about events impacting their own country. Some Yemenis don’t even know their country is in the headlines! Still, others who are closer to where the “action” is may have a different view.

Our partners in the region recently spoke with believers in Yemen to learn how Christians are doing in this crisis and how we can join them in prayer. Some believers have enough things to worry about that they are not aware of nor concerned with the current attacks in the Red Sea. But others are impacted significantly.

“People are tense and live in fear because of the current situation,” shares one Christian man. “The bombardments were also very scary. The prices of essential goods will probably increase as well. The situation is tough.”


Two Christians sent this message to tell you how you can pray:


“Greetings and peace to you! Yemen is going through a difficult situation, and a stifling crisis as a result of what’s happening in the Red Sea. The escalations have made life more dangerous as if affects the global economy in general. This leads to increased unemployment, inflation and loss in currency value.

The tension in the Red Sea also greatly affect the Maritime navigation. As for the current situation of the Church, it carry out all its activities in secret, being very careful to protect its congregations amid the current conditions.

Some of the challenges that face the church today are: the unstable security in the country, the failure to provide basic needs, the inability to move around the towns and cities.

Pray for peace, pray for the provision of medicines and food, pray for the needs of the church and pray for the current crisis in the country. Amen. May our Lord bless you.”

It’s an extremely difficult time for these believers who live out their faith in a place where daily life has been dangerous for many years. One believer explains: “Christians are affected as a result of the increased security all over the country, especially in the capital, or [other] areas where Houthis reside.

But it’s also clear that the Holy Spirit continues to work in Yemen and through His people there. “During this ongoing conflict, God is working more than before!” another Christian tells our partners.

“We see people asking questions and accepting the Word of God in these tough days. Pray with us that God will use this new conflict to make a new thing in Yemen. May God open new doors to serve others.”

One brother also shares: “I would like to thank our brothers and sisters all over the world for keeping us in their prayers; they are much needed at the moment.”


Our partners have asked us to pray. Here’s how you can stand with your family in Yemen:

  • Pray for wisdom; pray that Christians in Yemen will renew their strength in the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for protection from the evil one.
  • Pray that God will remove these increased pressures. One Christian shared: “We believe that God is with us, but many families are afraid and anxious at the moment.”
  • Pray for peace and love to prevail and that Yemenis will be able to live a decent life.
  • Pray for the underground Church inside the country. Following Jesus is incredibly dangerous in this ongoing conflict. Pray that church leaders and the people they serve continue to have the courage and strength to endure.


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