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Open Doors Installs Borehole in Northeast Nigeria. (Slegs in Engels beskikbaar)

Earlier this year, young children stood around a newly installed borehole, watching clean water run from…

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Believers in Burkina Faso are praying for you! (Slegs in Engels beskikbaar)

During a recent visit to a church in Burkina Faso by Open Doors, the church prayed…

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Children from Laos say thank you for relief-aid (slegs in Engels beskikbaar)

Laos is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that has had few covid-19 transmissions since…

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“We will be persecuted when we follow Jesus, but God promised He is with us” (Slegs in Engels beskikbaar)

Ram Bahadur* lives with his wife. They had two children, but both died. He is a…

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Mozambique: Terrorist attacks reported in Mecula, Niassa (Slegs in engels beskikbaar)

Another prayer request, this time from #Mozambique. New attacks in northern Mozambique’s Niassa province concern local church…

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Children’s Centre in Colombia gathers for devotions and prayer! (slegs in engels beskikbaar)

Hello everyone! Today we would like to share a video from one of our Children's Centres…

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