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Coronavirus and persecuted Christians: Why should I care? (Slegs in Engels beskikbaar)

Isolation and lockdown are terms that are well known to many persecuted believers around the world.…

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From doing church to being the Church (Slegs in Engels)

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, many church buildings have been closed, and various businesses had…

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Your presence is telling us that we are not orphans (Slegs in Engels)

Your Presence Is Telling Us That We Are Not Orphans by Open Doors on Exposure

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An Easter Safari (Slegs in Engels beskikbaar)

An Easter Safari by Open Doors on Exposure

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Bid vir Christene tydens die koronavirus-epidemie

Die impak van die koronavirus (Covid-19) word in al meer lande regoor die wêreld gevoel. Dit…

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