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Asia Bibi leaves Pakistan

Asia Bibi has finally left Pakistan and is safely in Canada with her family who was already in the country after they were granted asylum. Asia, a wife and mother, had been on death row for eight years on false…

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Asia Bibi is finally free!

Asia Bibi was barred from leaving Pakistan in October of last year, after an appeal was filed against her acquittal from the death penalty on charges of blasphemy. Praise the Lord that on 29 January 2019 the Pakistani Supreme court…

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Asia Bibi in great need of prayer

When the Pakistani Supreme Court, on 31 October, ordered the immediate release of Asia (Aasiya) Bibi, who has spent over eight years on death row, “we were all freed,” said a local Christian. Unfortunately, not long after her release, protests…

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Pakistani Christian cleaner dies at work

In Pakistan, many Christians are forced to do jobs that are degrading because they are seen as “untouchables” or part of what is referred to as “scheduled castes” – a carryover from India, during British colonial times. (Many people from…

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