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My prayer for you: A free Christmas

In a short while, it will be Christmas and, in Africa, this celebration is not a cold, snowy one – it’s the hottest time of the year. With Covid having hit us unexpectedly in 2020, our Christmas celebrations have changed,…

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Imprisoned for a Facebook post

Christianity has deep roots in Egypt (ranking #16 on Open Doors World Watch List*), going back centuries before the advent of Islam in North Africa. Today, Islam is the most dominant religion in Egypt with about 90% of the Egyptian…

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Egypt bus attack, a chilling reminder

Christians in Egypt have faced yet another tragic attack – at least seven people were killed, and 15 others injured. This happened on the 3rd of November when armed terrorists opened fire on two church-owned buses as they left St…

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One year later: Ascension Day attack in Egypt

Today, we remember the 29 Christians who, last year, were killed in a bus attack by Islamic extremists on Ascension Day in Egypt. (To read more about the increased attacks Egypt’s Christians are experiencing click here.) On that day, Ayad,…

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What are Christians in Egypt to expect this Easter?

Since December 2016, Egyptian Christians have experienced unprecedented violent attacks, with more than a hundred believers being killed in less than a year. As attack after attack hit the Church in Egypt, many followers of Jesus were injured, maimed and…

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