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Starting afresh, thanks to you

When Sarah’s husband discovered her secret faith, his anger and violence almost destroyed her. Today, thanks to you, Sarah has rebuilt her life.

Eyes closed, Bible in hand, Sarah* was praying alone at home in Egypt when she heard footsteps…

It spelled danger. For a year, Sarah had been secretly following Jesus. A friend at work had shared the Gospel, and Sarah, unhappy in an abusive marriage, was drawn to the hope and peace of Christianity.

Sarah turned her back on Islam – but it came at a cost. “If my husband found out about my faith, I was exposed to rejection, persecution and even divorce. I had to be wise and cautious.”

So as the footsteps closed in, Sarah froze in fear.

Abused and abandoned

It was her husband, Rashed*, back early from work.

Rashed stepped into the room, saw Sarah with the Bible, and exploded into a rage. He beat Sarah so violently she ended up in hospital. While she was being treated, Rashed left home with their two children.

Sarah was broken. “I felt fear… fear of people who consider Christians as infidels, fear that I wouldn’t see my children again, fear because I’m vulnerable,” she said. With her secret faith exposed, Sarah had no choice but to resign from her job and flee the area.

That’s when your kindness reached Sarah and helped her start again.

“God will never abandon me.”

Safe and stable

The friend who first shared the Gospel with Sarah introduced her to an Open Doors partner, called Shereen*. Thanks to you, Shereen was able to find a house church and a home for Sarah, cover her rent and help her find a job. “Your support made me feel safe and stable,” she said.

Then, last year, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place… Sarah received a phone call from her eldest son, now aged 15. They were separated for about 10 years. “We’ve been searching for you for years, mum,” he said.

With tears in her eyes, Sarah remembers their happy reunion. “There are no words to express the joy I felt,” she smiles. “There are no limits to the love, mercy and grace of the Lord.”

Today, Sarah keeps her faith secret for her own protection. Her conversion means she remains a target for extremists. So outwardly, Sarah lives as a Muslim, but in her heart, she follows Jesus – and your support keeps her faith strong.

“I know God will never abandon me,” Sarah said, with certainty. “I have come to understand that God is always here.”

Thank you for helping Christians like Sarah, who are persecuted and discriminated against for their faith. Today, you can help other Christians like Sarah to continue to stand for Christ in some of the most dangerous places.

*Names changed to maintain secrecy.

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