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Asian women hold hands, pray

PRAYER ALERT: Pray for Open Doors Presence Ministry

Presence Ministry is a vital part of Open Doors’ ministry to our persecuted family in Christ. Through this part of our ministry, we’re able to stand by the persecuted Church in the midst of their hardships through physical support, training, mentorship and visits.  Sadly, due to Covid, being physically present in the…

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Iranian Christian couple

PRAYER ALERT: Pray for Iranian Christian couple

In June 2019, Christians converts, Homayoun (62) and his wife Sara (42) were arrested while on holiday with other Christian families in the city of Amol, northern Iran. Homayoun suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease. The details of their arrest and…

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Elderly women interrogated for 10 days

Last year December, Ruhsari Kamberi (65) was arrested at her residence along with four other female Christians converts by members of Iranian Intelligence. They searched her residence, confiscating mobile phones, Bibles and other Christian materials, then took her to the…

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Iran: Four imprisoned Christians released on bail

On 24 June, 2016, an engagement ceremony in Iran was raided by security agents. While 10 people were initially arrested, all but four were released – three Christians from Azerbaijan and an Iranian Christian. Relatives and friends of the four…

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Iran: Amin Khaki freed

Friends of Amin Khaki are delighted that Amin has been released from Ahvaz Prison, Iran. On March 5, 2014, Amin Khaki, along with Hossein Barounzadeh, Mohammad Bahrami and Rahman Bahmani, were among eight people forcibly arrested at a picnic in…

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