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PRAYER ALERT: Pray for Open Doors Presence Ministry

Presence Ministry is a vital part of Open Doors’ ministry to our persecuted family in Christ. Through this part of our ministry, we’re able to stand by the persecuted Church in the midst of their hardships through physical support, training, mentorship and visits. 

Sadly, due to Covid, being physically present in the lives of our persecuted family has become difficult. In many countries, Christians are isolated even more due to the pandemic. And due to borders being closed in various countries, we’re unable to visit them to encourage them. Being physically present in their lives is critical, especially during such a difficult time in the world. 

One of our partners, Sister Aniyah* from Bangladesh, said: “The persecuted believers are often isolated, mistreated, verbally abused and physically tortured. Hence the believers are often very lonely, frustrated, losing their hope. In such [a] situation, they seek encouragement, comfort and caring from other believers. When the persecuted believers can meet and have fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ from other countries, theyre very happy. Though they know brothers and sisters from other countries, they [are] praying for them, but when they get the opportunity to meet them physically, theyre overwhelmed. As its said that ‘your presence are [a] thousand times worth than your words.’ Indeed, this quote is very true to us because when the brothers and sisters come to visit us, it really brings huge joy to us, our brothers and sisters who are persecuted. And their encouragement it really comforts us, strengthens us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It gives us a feeling that we’re not alone or forgotten, but we belong in a family of the Lord.” 

So please join us in praying for our Presence Ministry: 

  • Pray that the challenge around the ongoing Covid-19 travel restrictions will soon be lifted so that our partners (both in-country and other believers) will be able to visit persecuted Christians.
  • Pray for wisdom for our partners in various countries to know how they can support Christians during this time.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will be a source of comfort and strength to the many Christians who are isolated and feel alone.
  • Pray and ask the Lord if you should join our Presence Ministry through a trip to visit our persecuted family this year.

Thank you for praying!

*Name changed for security reasons.

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