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Media Release: 2021 World Watch List

Persecution of Christians seriously increases on African continent amid Covid-19 pandemic Open Doors International released its 2021 World Watch List (WWL) on 13 January. This list, compiled annually, announces the top 50 countries in numeric order where Christians experience the…

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Christmas not the same for persecuted children

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas in South Africa, our hearts go out to persecuted children and their families. In many countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith, Christmas is a dangerous time of the year for believers. Their…

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Pray for comfort and joy this Christmas

We might all celebrate Christmas differently, but around the world, the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ unites us as we remember the wonderful gift God gave us through Him. Sadly, it’s also a time of heightened persecution for our…

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Christmas around the world

In many countries around the world, Christians face various atrocities for their faith in Jesus. Male, female, young and old, in countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith, it doesn’t matter your gender or age – if you serve…

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Going digital for the cause of Christ

In this era and season, it’s safe to say that the online space and digital technology has been a blessing and lifesaver. Some companies are still afloat with the option for customers to shop online and deliver. Grocery stores now…

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The Controversial Book

The Bible. Such an influential document, yet the most controversial book known in history. It holds the Guinness World Book of Records for more than 5 billion copies printed, and the number continues to increase due to more copies being…

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Let’s pray for one another

Isolation, fear, uncertainty. These are terms that are all too familiar to persecuted Christians. They face isolation and fear for their livelihoods and even lives because of their Christian faith. And uncertainty because those who worship Christ in secret don’t…

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