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Going digital for the cause of Christ

In this era and season, it’s safe to say that the online space and digital technology has been a blessing and lifesaver. Some companies are still afloat with the option for customers to shop online and deliver. Grocery stores now…

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The Controversial Book

The Bible. Such an influential document, yet the most controversial book known in history. It holds the Guinness World Book of Records for more than 5 billion copies printed, and the number continues to increase due to more copies being…

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Let’s pray for one another

Isolation, fear, uncertainty. These are terms that are all too familiar to persecuted Christians. They face isolation and fear for their livelihoods and even lives because of their Christian faith. And uncertainty because those who worship Christ in secret don’t…

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God’s smuggler testifies about miracles

At the age of 92, Andrew van der Bijl, an ordinary Dutch man with a humble background, can look back on a long road of adventures as God’s smuggler. Brother Andrew, as he is commonly known, started distributing Bibles to…

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Trauma, mental health and the persecuted Church

We hear many faith-building stories of hope from Christians who have been persecuted. But there’s another side to the persecution that we may sometimes forget about, a side that can change a person. Many Christians are traumatised by persecution with…

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