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Freedom of religion in Nigeria under threat as Boko Haram remains as brutal as ever

Boko Haram’s increased use of suicide bombers during recent attacks in Nigeria and the Nigerian State’s…

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Islamic State releases more Christian hostages

Islamic State released 22 Assyrian hostages – mainly Christian women and children – in Syria over…

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Bangladesh: Pastors Receive Death Threats

Ten Christian pastors in the Rangpur district of northern Bangladesh received death threats on 25 November.…

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Mali: 20 Hostages Die in the Attack on the Radisson Blu Hotel

At least 20 of 170 people taken hostage last week during an attack on the Radisson…

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Central African Republic: Religious Conflict Claims 30 Lives

According to Reuters armed men killed at least 22 people in a string of raids on…

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Myanmar: “Freest” Elections in 25 Years

Myanmar’s “freest” elections in 25 years took place on Sunday, 8 November and while the world…

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