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Two Churches in Algeria reopened

On 10 June, the governor of Oran in Algeria permitted two churches in the province to reopen after they were previously closed down between November 2017 and February 2018.

Rachid Seghir, who is the pastor at the main church of Oran city, told World Watch Monitor about the moment he received the notification. “It was hard to believe, as I was not expecting such a positive surprise!” said Pastor Seghir, who could barely hide his emotions. “Honestly, I have not understood anything that happened. I had read the notification and understood it correctly, but I remained amazed.”*

Although the local authorities have not given any reasons as to their change of heart, Algerian Christians, who continue to request prayer in the face of pressure by the government, are grateful that these churches have been reopened.

Praise God for this breakthrough! Please continue to pray for Algerian Christians – that they will know the Lord’s peace and wisdom amid the ongoing pressure. And that churches that are still closed will soon be reopened. Pray also that the two reopened churches will face no further interference as they resume their activities.

Thank you for your fervent prayers.

Source: Middle East Concern
*World Watch Monitor. “Algerian pastor ‘amazed’ as three churches reopened.” 13 June 2018.

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