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The greatest echo of all time

If your heart could tell a story or your life could sing a song, what song would it sing? What would your story say about who you are and what your life means to you? Would your story echo for many generations to come? If so, what would the echo say and how will your faith and your journey with Christ affect your world?

In the many years that Open Doors has existed, we’ve come to know, see, and understand the power of investing in a future for the younger generation. Part of our vision is to see the Kingdom of God and the global Church striving and growing despite what we may face. We want everyone to know Jesus, to understand and learn about who He is in every language and every part of the world. We want our children to tell their children about Christ, and then tell the world about the treasures of Heaven and the beauty of loving Jesus. That can only happen if we do something about that today.

And you can…

For persecuted believers, the Bible is a treasure they hold onto in their darkest hours and for many of them, it’s not the easiest thing to get a hold of. Not everyone can just order a Bible or the latest Bible study book on Amazon.

In Iraq, a country haunted by war, persecution and violence, there are many Bible lovers just like you, and getting their hands on a new Bible or Christian book is more difficult than it seems. Thankfully, your seeds of faith have been distributing the Word of God to believers, young and old in the Middle East. Your support helps provide them with Bibles and Christian books. It also trains young leaders to lead groups such as youth, women and children and assists them to attend lectures on specific biblical topics.

We met with one of the beneficiaries of your support at a small village church in the Nineveh Plain. Twenty-one-year-old Sedar’s* eyes always sparkle when she talks about God, His church and His Book. “The Bible is the most important book in the world. It’s the book that teaches us the most. It’s fundamental for every human being,” she says.

In a time when the rebuilding of the church community in Iraq after the displacement by the Islamic State is central, Sedar says the Bible is unmissable: “We need to rebuild our lives with a strong base. The Bible is that base. It’s the book that takes us to our eternal life and gives us happiness.”

Sedar, who is very active in the church and volunteers in different discipleship groups, “would like to tell people to come to Jesus with all their difficulties and struggles. It’s good to pray together when we feel weak. And we shouldn’t forget about our Bible: reading the Bible gives us inner peace.”

Sedar’s friend Hanen* (26) who also volunteers in the church’s discipleship groups says: “You can come to the Bible whenever you want.” Matthew 5 has been the biggest inspiration to Hanen, where Jesus talks about Christians needing to be the salt of the earth as she was the only Christian in her university class and tried to show the love of Jesus through her acts. One day when students were giving each other descriptive names at the end of the year, Hanen was given the name “salt of the class”. “I remembered what Jesus said about salt in the Bible and was happy that my classmates gave me that name.”

As we can see from the lives of Sedar, Hanen, and many other persecuted believers, the echo their story will tell will be an echo about Jesus. Certainly, it’s the greatest echo known to man, an echo of a life lived worthy of the calling we have received, a life that screams that “Jesus is alive I have to make Him known” all around the earth. We need to ensure this echo of the Great Commission continues for generations to come through our action and contribution to strengthen our family of faith to continue spreading it to the ends of the earth.

Open Doors fulfils the calling of the Great Commission by helping persecuted believers living in hard hostile places in whatever way we can to strengthen their echo of Jesus in their families and communities. Now our question to you is, who will hear the echo of your serving and giving hearts towards Jesus? Let your echo outlive your purpose on this earth and be part of the greatest inheritance that you could ever give to anyone – Jesus. Click here and be a hero of faith today.

Name changed for security purposes*


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