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The Church in the Middle East is growing, and communities of believers are making an impact to many people around them. You too, can join these believers  in being a hope for many by becoming a hero of faith!

Centres of Hope are active, local churches equipped by Open Doors to help Christians in their community – providing them with emergency aid, trauma care and income generating projects to help rebuild their lives where needed.

“Our work is the hand that supports the broken wings of the Church. We strengthen the faith of local churches, make sure they know they are not alone and are part of the Body of Christ. We help to restore the lost hope and rebuild the community again. ” – Shefa,* a local partner in Iraq.

Our vision is to see each Church in Syria and Iraq become a Centre of Hope!

Please consider sowing a seed towards persecuted believers in Middle East, by becoming a helping hand for a new hope and a new future through your gift today.

May the Lord bless you for your special gift.

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