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Eldos in need of much prayer

Eldos Satar Uluu (25) from Kyrgyzstan is a young believer from a Muslim background. Last year, he was terribly beaten up by three radical Muslim men, in an attempt to force him to return to Islam. He sustained multiple injuries including a brain concussion and had to undergo several surgeries.

Thankfully, he is doing better, but he has been dealing with a lot of stress. Him and his family continue to deal with the loss of the baby of his oldest sister, Nurzhan. She was six months pregnant when she witnessed Eldos being attacked and the stress caused her to lose her baby… She continues to grieve deeply.

To add to the stress, recently, Eldos and his attackers attended a court case, to listen to his attackers’ case against him. They accused him of listening to loud religious music, distributing religious materials and religious propaganda. These allegations are supported by the people of Eldos’ village. During the court case, our Christian attorney, who has been helping Eldos, got a heart attack.

Eldos is in need of much prayer. Please pray that God will calm his anxious heart and will vindicate him from the accusations. Pray also for healing and for his attorney and for comfort for his sister.

Thank you for your fervent prayers!

Send Eldos and Nurzhan words of comfort and strength during this difficult time>>

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