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Eldos Satar Uluu from Kyrgyzstan, is a young believer from a Muslim background. He was terribly beaten up by three radical Muslim men, last month, in an attempt to force him to return to Islam.

Shortly after the beating he was taken to hospital with multiple injuries – a damaged eye, bleeding, a severe brain concussion, knocked-out teeth, a jaw fracture and possible bleeding on the brain. He has since undergone several surgeries.

Thankfully, he is now conscious again. But he is emotionally broken and frustrated. His family is being threatened by relatives of Eldos attackers to dissuade them from going to the police to lay charges against his attackers. Unfortunately, the police are also trying to silence the situation.

To add to the stress of the situation, Eldos oldest sister, Nurzhan, witnessed her brother being attacked. She was six months pregnant but sadly lost the baby due to the stress of what happened to Eldos… She is in absolute shock and feels lost. She refuses to speak to anyone and cries a lot…

You can send Eldos and Nurzhan words of comfort and strength during this difficult time of pain and loss. You can also pray for God’s comfort for them and their family as they work through the trauma of the attack as well as the emotional trauma of Aygul losing her baby.

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