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Zemzem urgently needs your prayers

Zemzem*, from the Horn of Africa, came to faith in Jesus in 2014 after meeting a…

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Free 2019 World Watch List Prayer Map

The Open Doors World Watch List has just been updated for 2019, so please download your…

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In case you missed it

At 13:00 on 16 January, Open Doors launched the 2019 World Watch List with this Facebook…

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From China to sub-Saharan Africa, Christians experience high levels of persecution in 73 countries

Five years ago, North Korea (#1) was the only country categorised as ‘extreme’ for its level…

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Save the Date – 13:00 on 16 January

Please join the Open Doors Facebook Live event for the launch of the 2019 World Watch…

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Mansuri’s fight for faith and family

Mansuri's Fight for Faith and Family by Open Doors on Exposure

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