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Young adults from Bangladesh are becoming salt and light

Praise the Lord that we can present in Bangladesh, Light and Salt, a youth discipleship programme for Believers from a Muslim Background (BMBs). This past October, a group of 18 believers graduated from the programme!

Dishan, one of the graduates, said, “Through this training, I understand I am the light and salt in my society. I also learned to be committed to [serving] Jesus and I will apply what I had learned.” While another graduate, Ashanur Mithu. said, “I was in darkness, but this training has brought me into the light. I want to share this light [with] others so that others may also come out from their darkness.”

The discipleship programme is aimed at strengthening and sustaining BMB house churches in Bangladesh, so that they can thrive in their communities where they are often in the minority.

Praise God with us for each young person that completed this course! Pray that what they have learned will transform their communities and bring all of them closer to Jesus. May they truly be the salt and light, which will draw many other Bangladeshi people to Christ.

Thank you for your prayers!

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