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What do you do when it all seems hopeless?

With everything that is going on in this world, many people, believers and non-believers are experiencing trauma, hardship, poverty and persecution in every area known to man. Not only has the Covid pandemic made life difficult for citizens and the global economy, but it has also caused many to be helpless and vulnerable. Our reactions differ – some have been silent, angry, some even made pleas to governments and prime ministers for life, provision, protection, justice and all things we believe can bring freedom and peace. With all this taking place, how do we keep standing as believers? What should we be doing when everything seems so hopeless?


Rajesh* from India shares his experience and testimony of living in a country, where opposition and struggle have been inevitable for many years. Not only for the poor, but for those following Jesus Christ. He shares what has kept his hope and faith in Jesus Christ going despite all that was happening around him. Watch the video below:

Rajesh says: “Christian life is a life of risk, you know? Even if you do not live in a country of fanatics.”

Struggle and persecution cause the global Church to grow. Support and communion among us as believers cause growth as well. More and more people will come to know the Lord and through our faith and prayers for one another, we can be strong and face whatever adversity with courage, bravery and hope in the Lord.


“When you don’t know anything, just pray.

When you don’t understand anything, pray.

You will understand” says Rajesh.


Rajesh is an Open Doors local partner who visits many believers in India to make sure that they are assisted with support, Covid relief aid and prayer. There is so much more that he can say about the Church in India- but he might not be able to due to the extensive oppression and eradication process that has been happening in the country. You can be a voice of advocacy and support for the Church in India. Click here to see how you can #standfortruthindia

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