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Sustained by your prayers

Every minute you spend in prayer for secret believers matters. Please pray for courageous Christians, Elmahdi* in Morocco and Hila* in Afghanistan…

As a young man, Elmahdi* was intrigued by the extraordinary life of Christ. His quest for truth led him to explore Christianity online, and Elmahdi was drawn to faith and baptised. But what would his wife, a strict Muslim, think? Fearing the worst, Elmahdi kept his new faith secret…

But Elmahdi couldn’t keep making up excuses to attend church. His wife became suspicious, searched her husband’s phone – and discovered his conversion. She presented him with an ultimatum: revert to Islam, or divorce.

It was a desperate choice, but Elmahdi couldn’t turn his back on Jesus. Today, he’s divorced. He hasn’t seen his beloved children since 2022. And in his hardest moments, he’s tormented by thoughts of reverting to Islam to be reunited with his son and two daughters.


  • Please pray urgently that Elmahdi will remain strong in his faith.
  • Ask God to reunite Elmahdi and his children.
  • Pray for comfort and peace for Elmahdi in his darkest days.

Hila’s* childhood was unusual. Her parents allowed her to go to school, even though most girls stayed at home. Hila was clever – and even after marrying at the age of 18, she carried on studying at university.

But things changed in Hila’s second year at uni. “My husband introduced me to the Bible after watching a TV programme,” she said. “We delved into the Bible, finding guidance and inspiration.”

The couple gave their lives to Jesus, and even found other Christians to walk with. But one day Hila’s husband went to another village to buy Bible study books – and never returned.

“He was sacrificed in the way of Christ,” said Hila. Now, this mother-of-two gets by with help from her community – but she needs your prayers.


  • Lift up Hila to the Lord and ask God to bless, strengthen and comfort her.
  • Pray for God’s protection over Hila and her children as the follow Jesus secretly.
  • Pray boldly that Afghanistan will be freed from oppressive forces.
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