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Sudanese Christians face concerning developments

Younan Abdulla, a Sudanese Christian, was fatally stabbed and killed two weeks ago, while participating in a peaceful protest against the government of Sudan. The government had authorised the sale of land on which a Christian school is situated, without the school’s consent. Police at the protest did not intervene when protesters, such as Younan, were being attacked. Younan is survived by his wife and two young children.

Unfortunately, the harassment of Christians is not uncommon. The government continuously arrests Christians for proselytising and apostasy. Additionally, recent developments pose a concern for Sudanese citizens, especially Christians.

The European Union (EU) has normalised relations with Sudan and given the country just under €215 million (approximately R3 billion), which is supposed to help support humanitarian efforts as the country faces a drought. But as Mukesh Kapila*, a former UN representative for Sudan, said, the EU funds and support for Sudan is “providing more resources to the regime to suppress its own people.”

Please pray that the Lord will undertake for Sudan’s people amid these new developments and the drought. Pray also for comfort for Younan’s family and that the Church will have wisdom, patience, and peace as it faces ongoing attempts by the government to confiscate church properties.

Source: EUobserver, EU funds for Sudan may worsen fate of refugees, 10 April 2017

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