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Open Doors Installs Borehole in Northeast Nigeria.

Earlier this year, young children stood around a newly installed borehole, watching clean water run from the tap. Before the borehole, fetching water was a tedious and sometimes dangerous chore.

Christian communities in Bauchi, one of the Sharia-governed states in Northern Nigeria, face blatant side-lining in the delivery of basic services like water, sanitation, clinics, and schools.

See the video below:

Before Open Doors provided this borehole, these children fetched water from rivers, almost-stagnant streams, and all-but-dried-up wells.

On seeing the new borehole, one young girl ran to her father and excitedly exclaimed: “Baba, we have clean water in our village!” She took her bowl and left in a hurry!

Open Doors plans to provide more boreholes in similar areas of need in Nigeria. Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are standing strong for Jesus and being a light to many around them. Click here to see how you can intercede.

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