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Region West Africa
Leader President Muhammadu Buhari
Population 191 836 000
Christian 46.3%
Main Religion Christianity/Islam
Government Federal Presidential Republic
Rank 14
Score 77
Previous Rank 12
Previous Score 78

“This is a day of joy. This Bible will be my everything.”

There is a large Christian presence in Nigeria, but that doesn’t mean being a Christian is easy. Nigeria can almost be split in two. Most people who live in the north of the country are Muslim, while the majority in the south are Christian. Despite having freedom of religion, 12 northern states are governed by sharia (Islamic) law since 1999.

Despite military efforts, Boko Haram continues to be a threat. Many Christians have been internally displaced due to Boko Haram. They have experienced discrimination from state authorities in relief efforts, being denied access to food and water.

Since Muhammadu Buhari became president in 2015, Nigeria’s military campaign against Boko Haram has been relatively successful in dislodging the group from the territories it had occupied in northern parts of the country. Despite Buhari’s intention to fight Boko Haram, the government seems to be reluctant to respond to the continuing violence against Christians in the Middle Belt region caused by Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen.

Through local partners, Open Doors works to assist persecuted Christians in Nigeria with emergency relief, trauma care, Bibles, discipleship training, church and building restoration, vocational training, orphan support, and more.

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