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Laos – Christian father assaulted for possessing a Bible

Dennis, who had gone home to freshen up in preparation of attending an Open Doors Bible-based training, was stopped by the police at a road block. The police searched his bags and discovered his Bible. They were outraged that Dennis possessed a Bible, “this is against the government,” the police accused whilst heavily beating him.

Dennis was taken to the police station for further questioning. Thankfully he was released soon thereafter as he explained that there is nothing in the Bible that opposes the government.

Pray for healing for the physical wounds Dennis suffered, as well as for the emotional trauma of this incident. Pray that Dennis will remain courageous in attending the Bible training sessions. Also pray a blessing over Dennis’ wife and their baby.

Laos is ranked #29 on Open Doors’ 2016 World Watch List.

Thank you for praying!

*Representative name and image used for security reasons.

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