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Former Islamic cleric punished for choosing Jesus

Omar (31), a former Islamic cleric in Cameroon, gave his life to Christ in April this year – and has faced severe persecution since!

His uncle set fire to his home upon learning of Omar’s conversion… Omar was ready to retaliate but after speaking to his pastor, he calmed down and realised that he could not just violently fight back.

Omar and his family then moved in with his father. One day, while he was out, his uncle came and took Omar’s wife and three children. And, although Omar’s father is not a practicing Muslim, he kicked him out on the uncle’s advice.

Despite all this Omar said, “I have firmly decided to follow Jesus because I do not want to continue in evil and ignorance in Islam, knowing full well the truth.”

Word has gone out that anyone who finds Omar should punish him for leaving Islam… So please pray for Omar:

  • For the Lord to protect and encourage him in holding fast to Jesus.
  • That he would receive adequate spiritual discipleship and continue to grow in the faith.
  • To find a way to make a living and that he would be reunited with his family soon.

Thank you for your fervent prayers.


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