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Egypt: Islamic State vows to eliminate the country’s Christians

Islamic State (IS) released a video a few weeks ago, vowing to eliminate Egypt’s Christians and “liberate Cairo”.

Residents of Al-Arish, a town in northern Sinai, have witnessed, over a period of two months, the deaths of seven Christians for which IS claimed responsibility. One of the residents, Nabila, witnessed the death of her husband and son. In an interview with World Watch Monitor Nabila said that one of the killers had a list with “many names” and after killing her husband and son she saw one of the gunmen calmly tick off her loved ones from a hit list he carried.**
A convoy of 84 families including, Nabila and her remaining family, have since fled Al-Arish to seek refuge in Ismailia, north Sinai’s neighbouring province.

Please pray that the Lord will protect Egyptian Christians who are in similar situations and that those who have lost loved ones will be comforted.

Egypt is currently #21 on the Open Doors World Watch List of countries where persecution is worst.

Thank you for praying with Nabila and the Christians of Egypt!

*Representative image used for security purposes

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