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Two Churches in Algeria reopened

On 10 June, the governor of Oran in Algeria permitted two churches in the province to…

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Today, pray and speak out for Malaysian Pastor Raymond

On 16 May, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia decided to resume the inquiry into pastor…

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Five things you can pray for during Ramadan

1. Pray that many Muslims will find the one true God during this time and that…

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Ordinary, daily living in the hermit kingdom (Part 1)

When we think about North Korea, the first thing that comes to mind is the totalitarian…

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The religious ‘cold war’ in Algeria

A new tide of persecution is taking shape in Algeria... A systematic campaign, which is slowly…

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How did more than 800 000 voices help bring hope to the Middle East?

In 2016, Open Doors launched the One Million Voices of Hope petition. The petition formed part…

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