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By helping Waswa, you have helped many

Thanks to the incredible support and generosity of our partners, we’re thrilled to announce that we reached our fundraising target for our Children at Christmas campaign with over R580 000 raised for persecuted children!

Because of this, persecuted children can receive urgent aid and a safer future. Children who come from the same background as Waswa from Uganda.

When Waswa’s mother became a Christian, Waswa, his mother and siblings were forced to flee their community.They ended up living on the streets in unfinished buildings.

Despite painful and traumatising experiences i, Waswa and his family continued to trust the Lord because of his mother’s example. “Even after everything she went through, my mother kept trusting in God, we saw her faith and decided to follow Jesus too.”

Thankfully, they were saved from their life on the streets when they were taken in by a church community.Sadly, the Muslim community became upset with Waswa’s mother for sharing the Gospel with the community and they bribed someone to poison her. His mother’s sudden death plunged Waswa and his siblings once again into uncertainty.

“We became like orphans, as there was no one to take care of us. We were each sent to different Christian families. I was fortunate to be taken in by the reverend’s family.”

After hearing of the tragic death of Waswa’s mother through the local church, Open Doors partners reached out. “Thanks to the support from Open Doors, you supported me with my school fees, food, and clothing. You provided me with counselling and trauma sessions, which helped me greatly. With your assistance, I was able to complete my university degree in Business Administration and Accounting.”

Today, Waswa serves vulnerable children who have become orphans like he was. “Under the reverend’s guidance I developed a strong passion for serving vulnerable children. I started my own children’s ministry.”

At the orphanage Waswa is surrounded by excited children, giggling as they embrace the young man who has become a father figure to them. “I understand the pain these children go through because I felt it myself. I decided to teach them the Word of God, restore their hope and raise them as God-fearing children.”

After his mother’s death Waswa could never have foreseen what God was doing in his life. He could’ve become a a victim of his circumstances, instead his trials have become his testimony. “My testimony has strengthened many children. Whenever I testify about my life, their hope in Christ is renewed.”

Thank you for helping persecuted believers to be salt and light. Help us support Christians living in the most persecuted countries who risk everything to follow Jesus. Today, your support can meet their most pressing needs, ensuring that they can remain to share the Good News with their communities.

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