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Bangladesh: Pastors Receive Death Threats

Ten Christian pastors in the Rangpur district of northern Bangladesh received death threats on 25 November. The anonymous letter was sent to the leader of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha (BBCS) in Rangpur, Rev. Barnobas Hembrom, and nine other pastors in the district.

The letter reads: “Those who are preaching Christianity in Bangladesh must leave this world one by one.”

The local police were informed immediately and are protecting the Baptist church.

Please pray for the Church in Bangladesh:

  • Pray for Rev. Barnobas Hembrom and for the safety and protection of the other pastors. Pray that they are able to continue to do God’s work with godly wisdom, power, and courage.
  • Pray for the current situation in Bangladesh as many reports of terrorism against Christians are being reported in several parts of the country. Many of the incidents are not publicised for of fear of worsening the situation.
  • Pray that the evil intentions of Islamic fundamentalists will be overcome by good and that their minds will be turned on Jesus.

Bangladesh is approximately 89 percent Muslim and 0.66 percent Christian (1.2 million). The country is ranked #43 on the Open Doors 2015 World Watch List of places where Christian persecution is worst.

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