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Bangladesh: Muslim Backgroung Believer Jashim has been attacked for his faith in Jesus

Jashim Uddin (25) became a believer of Jesus and was baptised in 2021. Since then, he has been a very active believer and strong in his faith. He is a mason by profession and soon after his conversion, he was able to bring some of his friends at work and family to the Lord. Though his family is not financially stable, Jashim, his wife and three children are content with what they have.

However, on the 14th of May 2022, Jashim was attacked in broad daylight at his home in Jhenaidah (in the South-West part of the country) by his own family members and relatives because he has converted to Christianity and has been facilitating an Adult Literacy Centre. First, the perpetrators forced him to renounce his faith in Jesus and go back to Islam, but Jashim refused to renounce his newfound faith. “I have received Jesus Christ in my life as my personal Saviour and Lord. I have the right to choose and practice my faith. You cannot force me to do what you do. I will not renounce and will not forsake my faith in Jesus Christ.” said Jashim.

His denial made the perpetrators angrier, and they stabbed him with a sharp weapon and beat him indiscriminately, pulling him down to the ground. There were people who held his hands and legs, some tried to strangle him, while some stabbed him in several places.

There were around 50-60 people who attacked Jashim and he was all alone. No one dared to approach or try to stop the attack. People around were curiously watching as the incident took place.

Miraculously, Jashim somehow managed to escape from the attackers and went straight to his church leader’s home and explained with a quivering voice what had taken place. He was immediately taken to the local hospital and stitched in several places.

As he returned home after treatment, the police were waiting at his home to hear about the incident. But because the reason for the attack was due to his conversion from Muslim to Christianity, the police were unhappy. They ridiculed him and denied him protection.

After the police left, the perpetrators attacked Jashim again. This time, the attack was even more violent and they kicked him out of his home. As a result, he was admitted to the hospital with severe injuries. He is currently still in the hospital. He is in a bad shape and speaking incoherently. Jashim’s family members, wife and children, have gone into hiding as the perpetrators are threatening to kill Jashim and his family if they return to their home. We currently don’t have any information on his family’s whereabouts.

Join us in praying for Jahim and his family of believers:

  1. Pray for the recovery of Jashim, both physically and mentally. Pray that this would not lead Jashim to permanent trauma or mental disorder.
  2. Pray for Jashim’s wife and children. Pray for their protection. Pray that soon we will be able to know where they are and help them out. Pray that this situation would draw the family closer to the Lord and find shelter in Him.
  3. Pray for the church and the local believers that they would be able to face the situation wisely and biblically and they would not resort to violence.

Learn more about the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh here, and how you can continue praying for them, making sure that though they are persecuted, they are never alone.

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