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Christian population
950 000 (0.6%)
Main religion
Main threats
• Dictatorial paranoia
• Islamic oppression

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given monthly could meet the most pressing needs of believers worldwide.


Individual communities may be Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or animist/tribal, but converts to Christianity face significant difficulties in any of these places. Religious beliefs are tied to the identity of the community, so turning from the locally dominant faith to following Jesus can result in accusations of betrayal.

Any churches that work and evangelise among the Muslim majority face persecution – but even historical denominations like the Roman Catholic Church are increasingly targeted by death threats and attacks.

Tribal Christians face an increasing double vulnerability since they belong to both an ethnic and religious minority. These believers struggle with people taking their land and face violence.

Christians among the Muslim-majority Rohingya, who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar, face harassment and strong pressure from their community. Believers who live in the Rohingya refugee camps can encounter persecution even as they live in displacement.

Meet Shakib

“Teachers always said bad things about the Christians, and all the Muslim students laughed and enjoyed mocking us. I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t protest. I had no place to complain. Nobody listened to me.”

Shakib (name changed), a teenager in Bangladesh.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works through local church partners to strengthen persecuted believers in Bangladesh through biblical training, Bible distribution, literacy programmes and socio-economic development projects, as well as emergency relief aid.

Please pray

  • Pray for healing for Bangladeshi Christians who have been attacked or physically abused for their faith.
  • Ask God to give perseverance to Christians who endure pressure from their communities.
  • Pray that people who persecute Christians will come to realise the truth of Jesus love and grace.

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