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26 – Bangladesh


Region South Asia
Leader President Abdul Hamid
Population 164 828 000
Christian 0.5%
Main Religion Islam
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Rank 26
Score 63
Previous Rank 35
Previous Score 57

Although conversion is not forbidden by law, Christian converts from Islam or Buddhism face strong pressure from their family, friends and neighbours to recant their Christian faith. Christians are discriminated against in both their private and business lives. Children of converts are facing discrimination and bias by teachers and fellow students in schools. In June 2015, the Compassion Project had to close down, which affected at least nine churches. These were forced to close down at the same time. Persecution has become more violent over recent years.

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You can pray Genesis 9:13:

“I have placed My rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of My covenant with you and with all the earth.”


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