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Attacks against Indian Christians continue to escalate…

(Photo of pastor Maddira Kotireddy (54) after he was cruelly attacked with an axe by unknown assailants.)

Since last year, Christians in India, especially Christian leaders in the rural areas, have been subjected to increased and extremely brutal attacks. The source of the attacks are mostly militant Hindus, spurred on by high levels of intolerance.

In one attack, in March of this year, pastor Maddira Kotireddy (54) was cruelly attacked with an axe by unknown assailants. They tried to kill him, but he used his hands to block their attacks, resulting in the loss of some of his fingers. He is still in hospital in a critical condition.

Sadly, some attacks are never even reported… In many instances, when Christians are attacked, the local police often do not interfere and refuse to register the attacks. In some cases, they even look on as the militant Hindus attack Christians, without trying to stop them.

Please pray for Christians in India – that they will experience the Lord’s strength and protection as attacks against them increase. Pray also for the healing of pastor Maddira and the many others who have been injured in such attacks. May those who attack Christians be brought to account by the authorities for their brutality.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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