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A woman and an evangelist in the time of persecution

Who was the first evangelist to ever spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Does anyone know? Well, according to some Bible scholars and people, Mary Magdelene was the first-ever person to evangelise and tell people that Jesus has risen.

Today, the number of those who spread the Gospel of Jesus has multiplied. There are many women in full-time ministry, dedicating their daily lives to the cross of Jesus. Seeing that August is Women’s Month in South Africa, the impact and the power that women have in the Body of Christ should not only be emphasised but also be celebrated.

In the various stories that we’ve shared about our brothers and sisters in faith, we’ve seen many women encountering Christ and giving their lives to Him. They risk their lives, their families lives and their livelihoods to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in hostile and unwelcoming spaces all around the world. They’re women who are courageous and passionate about Jesus.

One of the many women who we’re inspired by is Suraida* from the Southern Philippines. She came to faith about seven years ago after Jesus healed her. Now she shares the Gospel with others, and two of her family members accepted Jesus during Ramadan last year. Here is her story:

Suraida’s sister-in-law became a Christian after she prayed for her when she became ill during Ramadan last year. Then her husband, Jimmy, became a Christian after having a dream and attending church with Suraida.

Unfortunately, their faith has led to persecution because some community members are angry with them for leaving their traditional faith. They often face mocking and shouting as they walk to church on Sundays, and Jimmy was even stabbed in the hand when he protected Suraida from an angry neighbour. But Jimmy says: “Even when problems like this happen to my life, I don’t give it a thought. I know in my heart that Jesus is my Saviour and that He is my Lord.”

Thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors local partners have given Suraida biblical training. She was also taught to lead Bible studies for others and now she teaches the Bible to others in her home. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and your financial support.

You can help many more women be a light in their communities for Christ, in the Southern Philippines and all around the world, by equipping Christian women to share the Gospel and be there for other Christians who face fierce persecution. So, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully consider lending a helping hand. Click here to lend a helping hand.

*Names changed and representative photos used for security purposes.

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