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Turkey under pressure over pastor Brunson’s imprisonment

Pastor Brunson’s next court appearance in Turkey is scheduled for the 18th of July. In the meantime, lawmakers and international groups have turned up the pressure on Turkey’s leaders to release pastor Brunson. He has been in prison for more than 600 days on false accusations of espionage and terrorism.

In an effort to get the Turkish government to release pastor Brunson, United States (US) lawmakers are working to deny Turkey access to 100 key US-built, F-35 fighter jets, which, if passed, would significantly curtail the modernisation of Turkey’s air force.

Many diplomats in Ankara, Turkey, are hopeful that pastor Brunson will be released and deported to the US. According to Serkan Demirtas, in a column for Hurriyet, he writes, “Brunson, who has been in jail since late 2016, seems to be much too costly for Turkey, and his continued detention would further complicate the situation. That is why many diplomats in Ankara expect his potential release followed by his deportation, pending trial, [at] the July 18 hearing.”*

Please join us in continuing to pray for pastor Brunson and his family. Pray that the efforts by lawmakers and international groups to put pressure on Turkish leaders will bear fruit. Pray also for continued strength for the Brunson family during this difficult time. May God encourage and fill them with His peace and may pastor Brunson be released soon.

Thank you for your fervent prayers!

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