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PRAYER ALERT: Pray for Sri Lankans who are suffering

The people of Sri Lanka are suffering due to the political and economic crisis in the country, with many families cutting down to one meal per day and, in extreme cases, just having a cup of tea for dinner. The ongoing fuel crisis has also taken a toll on people, with people having to queue for hours for petrol while many have resorted to travelling on foot.

While Open Doors’ local partners have been able to provide many with emergency aid, the ongoing crisis in the country poses a challenge to reach people due to a shortage of transport and road closures. Also, protests have made hosting training dangerous in some parts of the country, and also difficult due to the lack of public transport and fuel.

Pastor Hasika, a mother of two who serves at a church in Nugegoda Colombo, said: “With the ongoing fuel crisis and shortage of public transport, travelling has become a major issue. There were instances where I had to walk nearly 10 kilometres to visit certain families.”

There are hopes that the country will go back to normalcy soon after months of mass protests that ended with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa officially announcing his resignation after fleeing to the Maldives.

Sri Lanka and its new President, Ranil Wickremesinghe, who was elected to office three days ago on 20 July, needs prayer as there have been reports of a silent protest by the public against him. Please join us in praying for Sri Lanka and our persecuted family in the country.


  • Pray for law and order to be maintained in Sri Lanka as it can’t afford any more lockdowns or protests. The nation requires all sectors to return to normalcy and function at full capacity to gain economic stability.
  • Pray for the Lord to work in the heart of the new president of Sri Lanka so that he will be a good and honest leader that will help bring the country out of its current crisis.
  • Pray for our local partners to be unhindered by any potential lockdown or protest and that the Church will be able to gather despite the current situation and emergency law that is in place.
  • Pray that church leaders and local partners will have the wisdom to lead the Church during these trying times.

Thank you for praying!

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