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Pray for the work of Open Doors local partners with young people around the world.

Support for young people in the Church is so important. As you have already read, children and young people from Christian families can face huge pressure in Central Asia.

Timur*, an Open Doors local partner, shares, “The local church has a vision for the young generation. In the past it was not so – they experienced so much pressure that they didn’t have enough space to think about the young generation. They would say to us, ‘If we can meet ourselves, in a small room, and we can take our children, we’ll just leave them next door, and we are glad that at least we can be together.’

“But now they say, ‘Now we want to catch up with this and we want to influence our young generation.’

“This is a unique historical situation. We have the first-ever generation of young Muslim Background Believers in this region! So, it’s a huge responsibility. We need to teach them that you can be a strong young Christian, having different principles and values in life and a different faith, but still be respected and influence society. And the most important thing – you are loved by God and by the rest of the Christian world.”

Thanks to the prayers and support of Open Doors partners, our local partners are running many projects to support young believers in Central Asia and help more children and young people to hear about the love of Jesus. This includes running secret summer camps, providing mp3 players with Christian music and Bible stories, running youth seminars and youth clubs, and distributing Christmas gifts. Our local partners have also opened a Children’s Creativity Centre where children can receive care and support, learn more about Jesus, and learn practical skills.

PRAY: Ask God to bless this work with young believers. Pray also for protection for this work – some of these activities, such as running summer camps for children, are illegal in some parts of Central Asia. Pray that God will raise up the next generation of Christians in Central Asia to love Him with all their hearts, and to be bold in sharing the Gospel with others.

Click here to join hands with Open Doors in supporting the next generation of believers, making sure that even though they are persecuted, they are never alone.


*Name changed for security reasons

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