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Pray for communion, unity, and growth among believers in Turkmenistan

Here is a message that came from an Open Doors fieldworker that is connected to Central Asia:

“I would like to ask you to pray for the Christians and churches in Turkmenistan. You might think: ‘Was there a persecution incident, is a pastor arrested for leading his unregistered church?’ No, nothing of this happened recently. And that is the difficulty right now. How can you pray if I have no specific news to share about our brothers and sisters in Turkmenistan?

“When I read the Open Doors World Watch List on Turkmenistan, I read this:

‘Christians are a very small group making up 1.1% of the population. The small Christian minority is weak due to much division and little cooperation between the various denominations. There are but few exceptions to this, and it plays into the hands of the government.

“That is a prayer point for the Church in Turkmenistan! What the Church really needs right now is to be one. And it must start with the leaders. Pray for unity for this small group of Christians, especially for the leaders. 

“I also read that Turkey has cancelled visa-free travel for Turkmen citizens at the request of the Turkmen government. Many Turkmen citizens residing in Turkey said they see the move as an attempt to curb the presence of Turkmen human rights activists in the country. So, this also affects Christians who are travelling from and to Turkey. They feel the danger of the government wanting to control them more in their activities.”


Join us as we pray for believers in Turkmenistan:

  • Pray for Christians who are travelling from and to Turkey to meet other Turkmen Christians in Turkey.
  • Pray that believers can meet and commune with one another so they can grow in their faith in the Lord.
  • Pray that God will protect the small church groups in Turkmenistan.
  • Pray for the very difficult economic situation. Many people don’t have enough income to pay the high food and medical prices.
  • Pray that the newly elected President Berdymukhammedov really will take care of his people.
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