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Praise the Lord that Eldos and Nurzhan are doing better

Earlier this year, we asked you to pray for Eldos from Kyrgyzstan who was terribly beaten up by three radical Muslim men, in an attempt to force him to return to Islam. And we asked for prayer for his sister Nurzhan who witnessed the attack and as a result of the shock had a miscarriage.

Nurzhan has been facing a lot of pressure from her non-Christian husband and his Muslim family because of her faith in Jesus. It got so bad that her husband wanted to divorce her and he kicked her out of their house. While his family wanted to burn her Bible.

Thank you for your prayers for Eldos and Nurzhan. Eldos is now living in another country with a permit but needs to find another country to stay. And recently, Nurzhan’s husband told her that he loves her and that he doesn’t want to divorce her. He asked for her forgiveness and even agreed to let her go into ministry and study at a Bible seminar.

We praise the Lord for this breakthrough in Nurzhan’s life as well as Eldos’s life. Please continue to pray for her as her husband’s family is still against her. Pray that the Lord will open her husband’s eyes to the truth of who He is. Pray also for Eldos as he looks for a country where he can settle down.

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