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Geetika from India says thank you for your support!

Geetika came to faith after Jesus healed her from an illness. She’s a single parent of two and struggles to earn a living. Aside from this, she is ridiculed by the people around her for her faith. She shares her testimony:



“I thought I had faced enough challenges in life and that when I came to Jesus, everything would be okay, but this was not the case. Instead, I faced ridicule and criticism for my faith in Jesus. But I have to say, this opposition was nothing compared to the miserable life I had lived without Jesus. Because Jesus is with me, I’m ready to face everything. No problem is too great,” she says.

She continues: “I know people say all the wrong things about Christians and Jesus, but I don’t worry. All I know is that I got healing, and my life is full of peace – peace that I’ve never known before. Even now, when the criticism of others makes me feel sad or when I fall sick, I ask my daughter to read the Bible and then call up my pastor to pray for me.”

After witnessing her struggles, Open Doors partners provided Geetika with a vegetable cart which enables her to sell vegetables to more customers and to become more self-sufficient.

“Before I had a cart, I used to sell vegetables in a small shed. Now I can take it to various places and yes, the earnings are more than before. I thank Open Doors partners for this initiative. I can provide healthy food for my children, and I’m happy. However, I must work hard. I go to the vegetable market every morning at 4 am to purchase vegetables. The vegetables that I buy, I sell for the next 2-3 days in good profit most of the time. I’m so glad my son is also growing up – he helps me sell the vegetables in the evenings. I’m thankful to the Lord for all His blessings,” Geetika shares.

“What Open Doors partners have done for us isn’t what everyone can do in today’s world. They went ahead to listen to our concerns and purchased things that helped our earnings grow. They helped to empower us, and we’re so grateful. Thank you so much.”

Praise the Lord for His provision for Geetika’s family! It’s through your prayers and support. You can continue to support believers in India. Click here to be a hero of faith today!

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