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Five things you can pray for during Ramadan

1. Pray that many Muslims will find the one true God during this time and that God will reveal Himself to many of them.

2. Pray for the Believers from a Muslim Background who seek opportunities to reach out to their Muslim relatives and neighbours during this month. Pray for wisdom and protection over them as they often face increased persecution during Ramadan.

3. Pray for the believers who have to keep their faith in Christ secret. During Ramadan, they face extra pressure and queries from family and friends if they fail to act religiously and piously.

4. During Ramadan, Believers from a Muslim Background continue to meet in small groups for worship, prayer, literacy classes, and various trainings – many of them supported by Open Doors. Pray for these believers’ safety and for them to be Spirit-filled, so that through their lives and testimonies, many will come to know Jesus.

5. Lastly, crime rates tend to peak during Ramadan compared to other times of the year. Many people are in sudden need of extra money to prepare for Ramadan celebrations. Pray for protection upon Christians and for authorities to handle this issue effectively.

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