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Little change expected for secret Christian community in Somalia

Air traffic over Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, was halted on the 8th of February as members of parliament and senators gathered at the airport to elect former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as the country's new president.

Many challenges lie ahead for the new leader. President Farmajo will have to try to unite a war-torn country that is still very much divided, while facing an ongoing Islamic insurgency and corruption crisis, as well as the threat of famine.

Little is expected to change for the small, secret community of Christians in Somalia – which has been ranked as the second most dangerous country in the world for believers. The rise in persecution can be ascribed to increased violence from Islamic radicalism: both from extremist groups like Al-Shabaab and from tribal leaders. Believers also face persecution from their communities – especially if they have converted from Islam.

Pray that President Farmajo will embrace mercy and work towards greater freedom for Christians. Also thank the Lord for the presence of His Church in this country and pray that many more will come to faith in Him, despite the efforts to thwart all evangelism.

Thank you for praying with our brothers and sisters in Somalia!

Source: World Watch Monitor