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Churches in Egypt forced to cancel plans for the summer

July is one of the busiest months in the year for churches in Egypt, but earlier in the month they were asked to temporarily cancel all summer activities.

In a statement by the president of the Protestant Churches of Egypt (unofficially translated), Dr Andrea Zaki, he said, “Warm greetings in the name of Jesus. In light of recent developments, please stop all church trips and conferences [for] the next three weeks of July 2017. This is a serious matter. Any trip or conference [that continues] will be the personal responsibility of the organiser.”

Dr Andrea confirmed the directive came directly from security agencies due to safety concerns. “There is news they could be targeted by radicals,” Dr Andrea said. Now, churches wait for further instructions as the three-week cancellation period comes to an end. “We are all cooperating for the safety of our country and our people,” Dr Andrea said.

Please pray for the protection of Christians in Egypt, and for wisdom regarding how to keep standing strong through this dark storm. May God open the eyes of their persecutors to the truth of who He is, and may they experience His unfailing love.

Thank you for interceding for our Egyptians brothers and sisters during this exceedingly difficult year!

Source: World Watch Monitor, Terrorist threat forces Egyptian Christians to cancel summer activities, 13 July 2017

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