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Region East and Southeast Asia
Leader President Xi Jinping
Population 1 388 233 000
Christian 7%
Main Religion Atheism/Traditional Chinese Beliefs
Government Communist State
Rank 43
Score 57
Previous Rank 39
Previous Score 57

“God doesn’t ever leave me, but stays with me all the time… I have to face what’s coming to me next.”

President Xi Jinping often refers to the ‘Chinese Dream’. This includes prosperity and shaping a Chinese century. But the overarching aim is to preserve Communist rule by maintaining social order. All forces that threaten this ‘dream’ are fought against. The authorities regard Christianity as a powerful social force and are determined to bring it under control.

China is a complex and diverse country. Christianity has boomed since the 1980s and is still growing. Christians well outnumber members of the Chinese Communist Party. The Church faces many challenges. These include a lack of trained leaders, increasing materialism and urbanisation. The government’s growing emphasis on traditional Confucian values is also affecting the Church. Many pastors are still imprisoned. Christians with a Muslim or Tibetan Buddhist background face additional persecution.

Open Doors provides basic biblical and discipleship training to the most persecuted Christian groups: Muslim and Buddhist background Christians. We also provide support to Chinese Christians in persecution preparation, discipleship and stewardship in a contextualised manner, in preparation for possible tightening religious restrictions.

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