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Region Africa
Leader President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta
Population 18 690 000
Christian 2.2%
Main Religion Islam
Government Republic
Rank 37
Score 59
Previous Rank 32
Previous Score 59

“To think that people don’t know us, yet had the heart to contribute to the preaching of the Gospel and support those being persecuted in Mali is very encouraging and strengthening to us.”

Mali took a swift and unfortunate rise on the World Watch List in 2013. This is directly linked with Islamic radicalism and violence. Since the Islamist takeover of northern Mali in mid-2012 and the subsequent French-led effort to restore Malian authority to the entire country in early 2013, civil liberties and political rights have yet to return to pre-2012 levels in both the north and south of the country. Although the militant Islamic groups have been pushed out of most of the territory they occupied in the north, their influence is still felt. In addition to the radicalisation of the Muslim population, such groups still pose, due to ongoing insurgency, a threat to Christians in the country.

In partnership with the local Church, Open Doors is serving the vulnerable Church in Mali by providing Bibles, giving training to help pastors and believers in the various aspects of Christian life and ministry, and by supporting persecuted Christians socio-economically.

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