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Bangladesh: BMB woman attacked for her regular evening prayers with believers

Mahafuza (48), a Believer from a Muslim Background (BMB), who has been persecuted since she decided to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, was attacked on the evening of the 24th of April 2023, around 8pm local time.

She was returning home from another believer’s home after their regular evening prayer when she was startled by three Muslim men who stopped her and began publicly mocking her, using hurtful and insulting words. Among them was Rana Miah, a man who previously persecuted her mentally and verbally.

“You convert Muslims to Christianity! You have spoilt our society!” said Rana Miah. “Today, you’re not running from this! I got you, and I won’t let you go anymore!” In saying that, Rana grabbed a large piece of wood and began beating Mahafuza.

The beatings got harder with every hit. Then, he struck her head, and immediately she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

“I love sharing the Gospel, and so I do it!” Mahafuza said. “I have the constitutional right to share the Gospel and practice my faith,” she continued with one palm on her head to ease the pain. “You’ve persecuted and insulted me many times, but I never say anything to you. What you’re doing is bad. Please just let me go.”

But they wouldn’t let her go. Thankfully, Mahafuza managed to inform a friend who lived nearby. Her friend called the police and rushed to the scene to rescue her from the hands of her perpetrators and immediately sent her to the local hospital. The perpetrators were then arrested.

Mahafuza went through a series of X-rays and tests. Local partners are in contact with Mahafuza, and they’re praying for her rapid recovery. They also paid for the medical tests and treatment.

Though she’s in pain, Mahafuza feels no remorse for sharing the Gospel and her love for Jesus with the people around her. She will continue to share the Gospel when she is fully recovered.


Prayer Points

  1. Pray for Mahafuza’s quick recovery and encouragement and strength for her, as although she is very strong in her faith in the Lord, she has broken down before when persecution comes.
  2. Pray for her family, who are supporting and caring for her during her recovery. Pray for God to give them courage and to depend on the Lord despite the suffering and affliction she faces.

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