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A vote for change

On 29 May, South Africans will make their way to the voting polls to cast their votes. They will vote for a new National Assembly and the provincial legislature in each province. Many will vote for change due to frustrations with the current state of our country, from unemployment to loadshedding and water shortages and corruption.

While these are significant challenges, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for change. Change that will either improve the situation for our country and ourselves or worsen it.

People in India will also cast their votes this year. While our elections will only take a few days, with a population of 1,4 billion people, India’s elections started mid-April and will end on 1 June. And while our elections may also impact our religion and belief, our law still guarantees freedom of religion and belief.

But for a moment, imagine if this election would determine if you can share the Gospel or face punishment for choosing to follow Jesus or if it resulted in your church getting attacked with impunity. How important would it be for you to vote, or how likely would it be for you to vote?

This is what is at stake for Christians in India, and this is what they must think about as they cast their votes or have already cast their votes.

Despite India being the largest democracy in the world, the persecution of religious minorities is rapidly growing. Attacks, threats and killings are a daily reality. And yet, amazing stories of faith and resilience are coming from India.

As we prepare to cast our votes, think of our family in India and what this election means for them.

Join us in praying for India and South Africa during this election period. Together, we can fuel the growth of the Church in India, facing intense persecution.

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