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3 March 2024

North Korea - Sun-Ae*, a woman in an Open Doors safe house in a neighbouring country, requests prayer for her two sisters who are still inside North Korea. She hasn’t heard from them in months. Pray for peace for Sun-Ae…

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2 March 2024

North Korea - In North Korea, the law is not for the country’s citizens. Rather, it exists for and caters for the ruling Kim family. Pray for justice and provision for North Koreans, especially the estimated 400 000 secret Christians.

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1 March 2024

North Korea - North Korea is in the last weeks of winter – the most difficult time in the country. No heaters, little food. Currently, the majority of North Koreans struggle with food insecurity. Pray for hidden manna for the…

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29 February 2024

The World - In parts of the world, Islamic extremism is on the rise. It’s gaining ground in Asia, and extremist attacks are growing across sub-Saharan Africa. Ask the Lord to thwart the plans of those seeking violence, and to…

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28 February 2024

Vietnam - Pray for Christians from ethnic minority communities. Often, these communities use the power of the state to assert control over believers. Pray that Christians here would be able to worship freely and would be protected from harm.

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27 February 2024

Somalia - Somalia has ranked near the top of the World Watch List for years. Pray for believers who risk everything to follow Jesus, that they would have the perseverance to continue to live for Christ in such a hard…

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25 February 2024

Nicaragua - Pray for the government of Nicaragua, particularly for Daniel Ortega, the authoritarian president of the country. Ask God to soften hearts and cause the ruling authorities to stop targeting Christians.

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24 February 2024

Nepal - Pray for those Christians who have been rejected by their families because they follow Jesus. Ask God to help these believers know they have a worldwide family of God.

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