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Christian population
9 797 000 (9.1%)
Main religion
Main threats
• Islamic oppression
• Dictatorial paranoia
• Christian denominational protectionism

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Christians regularly experience discrimination because they follow Jesus. Men can experience job loss or lack of employment opportunities, women can be harassed in the street, Christian children can be bullied at school and, in rare instances, mobs of Muslim extremists force Christians to flee their communities after an alleged blasphemy accusation. These incidents are most common in the Upper Egypt region, where Islamic hardliners are active, especially in rural communities.

President al-Sisi and his government regularly speak positively about Egypt’s Christian community – which, through the Coptic Church, is long and historic. He purposely includes both Muslims and Christians in Egypt’s identity. However, this stance doesn’t always extend to areas outside of major urban centers – authorities are known to ignore or downplay the concerns of Egyptian believers.

Christians who have converted from Islam experience the most severe persecution. They face enormous pressure from their family and community to return to Islam. And Egyptian security services are known to detain and intimidate converts to keep quiet about their conversion.

Meet Raina

“I’m a Christian now, but I was born a Muslim. If I showed you my face, it could cost me my life. Fanatics, or even my own family, would kill me if they saw my picture online and read I rejected Islam.”

Raina (name changed), an Egyptian convert from Islam.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works through local partners in Egypt to support the Church throughout the country with literacy training, education, advocacy, medical outreach, and youth, family and women’s ministries.

Please pray

  • Pray that Egyptian Christians who follow Jesus out of Islam would be safe.
  • Ask God to help Christians who have converted from Islam find fellowship.
  • Pray for Christians’ legal rights so that they would not be discriminated against.

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