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Region North Africa
Leader President Abdelfattah el-Sisi
Population 95 215 000
Christian 10%
Main Religion Islam
Government Presidential Republic
Rank 17
Score 70
Previous Rank 21
Previous Score 65

“When a language of hatred and revenge is promoted, Christians remain the keepers of true hope for humanity.”

Christians live as second-class citizens and are not given the same rights as most people in the country. Islamic extremism in Egypt is on the rise with Christians targeted in violent attacks. Persecution is expected as a part of daily life. Despite this, Christianity in Egypt is strong due to its ancient roots and large Church size. Egypt is home to the largest Evangelical Church in the Middle East.

The large Coptic minority, while facing significant difficulties, has been tolerated because of its historical presence and its demographic size. In recent years this has changed, however, causing historical Christian communities to be targeted as well. There is a small but growing community of Christian converts (Believers from a Muslim Background), who bear the brunt of persecution, most often from family members. Believers are often kicked out of their homes when their Muslim families find out about their faith.

In cooperation with local churches and other partnering ministries, Open Doors is supporting the Church in Egypt through family ministry, youth ministry, general education, literacy training, advocacy, medical outreach, widows’ ministry, and more.

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