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Region Arabian Peninsula
Leader President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi
Population 28 120 000
Christian Less than 1%
Main Religion Islam
Government Transitional Government
Rank 9
Score 85
Previous Rank 9
Previous Score 85

“A stable country with openness towards other religions is a great need.”

For the most part, only converts to Christianity from Islam remain in Yemen, as communities of expatriate or migrant Christians (from the West, Africa and Asia) have left due to the devastating war in which civilians bear the brunt of the violence. But reports show that more Muslims are turning to Christ in Yemen than ever before. Sunni militant groups like Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) are using the chaos of war to gain territory, often specifically targeting Christian believers.

The country has seen political turmoil and violence since 2012 when the former president was ousted. Meanwhile, Yemen is facing a dire humanitarian crisis. Eighty percent (80%) of the population needs some form of humanitarian assistance and more than half of the population is food insecure, making Yemen’s hunger crisis one of the worst in the world – one in which believers are at the greatest risk due to them being ostracised from society.

Please join Open Doors in raising prayer support for the Christians and Church in Yemen.

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