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Region North Africa
Leader Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj
Population 6 409 000
Christian 0.7%
Main Religion Islam
Government Transitional Government
Rank 7
Score 86
Previous Rank 11
Previous Score 78

“Violence and deliberate targeting of Christians are growing at an alarming rate.”

Since the removal of Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi in 2011, Libya has been in disarray. The state of anarchy continues with various militant groups controlling different parts of the country.

The persecution situation in Libya is fuelled by the state of anarchy in the country and the violent conflict in which Islamic militias are active. This results in the persecution of both Libyan converts to Christianity from Islam and expatriate Christians. Both groups experience extreme pressure and high levels of violence. The impunity of those who perpetrate violent attacks against Christians exacerbates the problem. Many, not just Christians, have been victim to attacks, kidnappings, and slavery, with the people behind these acts going unpunished.

Open Doors, in cooperation with local partners, is supporting the Church in Libya through training, literature distribution, socio-economic development projects, advocacy, and more.

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