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Country rank   4
Last year’s rank   4
Region   Middle East/North Africa
Population   6 746 000
Christians   34 600 (0.5%)
Main Religion   Islam


When a person in Libya leaves Islam to follow Christ, they face immense pressure from their families to renounce their faith. Their neighbours and the rest of the community ostracizes them, and they can be left homeless, jobless, and alone. If a Libyan Christian shares his or her faith with someone else, they will likely be reported, arrested, and perhaps face violent punishment. The country has no central government, so laws are not enforced uniformly, leaving Christians in danger of overt and public persecution. Targeted kidnappings and executions are always a possibility for believers. To be a safe Christian in Libya is to live a secret life.

What has changed this year? Unfortunately, the situation in Libya remains the same as it has for many years, due in large part to the lack of a central governing authority to break the cycle of armed conflicts in the country. Systemic persecution of anyone who turns from Islam is condoned and expected in Libyan society.

Meet “Islem”

“Jesus is like oxygen because without oxygen you cannot breathe … No matter what happens in my life, I can’t leave Jesus.”

Islem lives in a country in North Africa similar to Libya. She saw a Christian woman praising and thanking God on television, and it set her on a path to learn who this Jesus was: “In Islam, we ask God for things, but we never thank Him.” Today, she is growing in Christ – but in deepest secrecy. She cannot reveal her faith even to her family (they would not accept her.)


Pray for Libya

  • Pray for believers who must keep their faith in Jesus secret or face possible arrest and even slavery. Ask God to give them warm times of fellowship with Him.
  • Ask God to bring stability to Libya through a government that strives to enforce laws and make the nation a better place. God holds the hearts of kings in His hand.
  • Lift up local Open Doors partners in the region as they carefully seek out believers in a society where the wrong question to the wrong person can bring calamity. Pray for wisdom, grace and protection for them as they aid believers there.

What does Open Doors do to help Christians in North Africa?

In cooperation with local partners, Open Doors supports the Church in North Africa through leadership and discipleship training, Bible and Christian literature distribution, livelihood support, trauma care, relief and legal aid, and women’s support groups.

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